Our Story



We have always loved drinking from straws and we care about the world around us and the animals.

A couple of years ago we saw a documentary about the Garbage Island in the Pacific Ocean and it was very sad to see turtles and other animals dying from eating the plastic straws.

We decided we wanted to start making stainless steel straws to help save the animals and share them with everyone.

We use the highest grade stainless steel, 316 marine grade steel, from Sweden and hand make all our straws from our workshop at home. We also hand make the packaging using biodegradable card.


Thank you for supporting the environment and our small business.


3 thoughts on “Our Story

  1. dear Kiara,
    what you have done is super cool and amazing , you have helped the planet and also saved so many animals in the world thank you for your incredible creation

    Maisie (8 years old, sydney)


  2. I recently purchased a couple of straws at the Carrington Village Market & I absolutely LOVE them. I also love drinking from a straw & drinking thru a stainless steel straw is not only more hygienic & has a much better mouth feel, it’s also environmentally friendly & better for the animals. I didn’t even know these existed til I saw ur market stall!!!! Great idea & what a great small business u have created. U should be very proud of yourself!!!


  3. Hi Karla,
    Thank you so much for coming to talk with the Year 5 students at Hunter Valley Grammar School today about your business, your story and your purpose. What an amazing idea your daughter had. You are both are making such an incredible difference to our world and your story is truly amazing. The students gained a lot of knowledge, insight and most importantly, motivation after your visit and for that, thank you.


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