Pop Up Market Stall


Market SetupOur application for a stall at the Hunt & Gather Market was approved on December 6 so I had 11 days to build a Market Stall, make straws and packaging, aaagh, it was a crazy 11 days but thankfully we had helpers, phew!

It was so much fun, we met lots of happy, excited people who were very interested in how we make the straws and the pop up market stall. It did rain at the end of the day, we discovered our stall was not as waterproof as we first thought so some improvements are needed before our next market.

A lovely lady suggested we look into Take3fortheSea, what a great organisation. So over the summer holidays each time we visit the beach, which is almost everyday, we have been taking 3 pieces of rubbish from the beach and putting it in the bin, to help the ocean animals and keep the beach clean.

We met another wonderful lady who talked to us about Wild Ark. We never knew that is was possible to buy up pieces of wilderness to save it from further development, what a great concept.


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